3rd...Farmer's Market...Pre-fourth celebration, City Park
    8th...City Council, Council Room @ 7pm
    10th..Farmer's Market, Scalloped potatoes, bread, corn
    11th..Lands Township meeting
    15th..HEDA monthly meeting, Council room, @ 7pm
             Hoffman Lions @ Senior Center @ 7pm
             Seniors Citizens meeting @ Senior Center
    13th...Lands Township Meeting, City council room
    17th..Farmer's Market, Grilled Pork Chops, Good Sam Reunion                  at the City Park with entertainment by Scott Kummrow 
    24th..Farmer's Market, Tacos in a Bag
    31st..Farmer's Market, Hot dog/bun, chips, beans, watermelon                    program by Messiah VBS



​  Elk Lake Beach is open. Lifeguards on duty weekdays 12-5 and    week ends 12-6; weather permitting . Remember they are not        babysitters or there to visit....Safety is key!!!

Coming soon: Information on 2019 Harvest Festival