Welcome to Hoffman!

The city of Hoffman is located in West Central Minnesota. It was founded in 1886 when the rail-line came through this area of Minnesota and was incorporated as a city in 1891. The population of Hoffman has grown to 672. 

Hoffman is often referred to as the area where the hardwood forests end and the western prairies begin. Two rivers run near Hoffman; the Chippewa to the east and the Pomme-de-Terre River to the west. 

There are many beautiful lakes in the surrounding area making it a serene area in which to live. We invite you to come to Hoffman & enjoy all we have to offer!

Please excuse our mess; website is currently under construction.

The City of Hoffman is a participant in the Green Step Program & currently working on the 3rd step!

Chippewa River
Pomme-de-Terre River
Hoffman Rairoad yards (Left) and Hoffman Co-Op (Right)
Park to Park Bike Path *Coming this Summer!